Ignite presentations

SSC 2016 will use Ignite sessions for accepted extended abstracts.

Ignite presentation will happen in plenary session (no parallel session).

In an Ignite speakers have a limited time to talk on a on a subject accompanied by a fixed number of slides, automatically advanced. The Ignites we propose are a variation on the original format, that we consider suitable to the SSC audience. We believe that presenting with Ignites could increase participation and reduce the number of parallel sessions.

Speakers will have 8 minutes for presentation of 16 slides (30 seconds per slide), that should be forwarded to the organizers in advance. The format should be PDF.

If a slide needs more than 30 seconds to be presented, it can be repeated.

Speakers with special requests can contact the organizers for alternative ways of presenting their work.

For more information on Ignites, you can read this piece on Six minutes.

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