Preliminary Program (TUE)

Tuesday 20.09 FCSS

Convegni Bisogno Giacomello Marconi Policy
8.30-9.00 Registration PEERE
9:00-9:30 WELCOME AE
9.30-10.30 Invited speaker: Toyotaro Suzumura
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11:00-12.00 Invited speaker: Frank Schweitzer
12.00-12.30 Nick Gotts and Gary Polhill - Experiments with a model of domestic energy demand (125)

Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting and Michael Neugart - Fiscal Transfer and regional Economic Growth

12:30-13:30 Mathieu Bourgais, Patrick Taillandier and Laurent Vercouter. - An Agent Architecture Coupling Cognition and Emotions for Simulation of Complex Systems (11)

Jean-Daniel Kant, Olivier Goudet and Gérard Ballot. An ex ante evaluation of economic dismissals facilitation on the French labor market: An agent-based model
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.00 FCSS
Samuel Thiriot and Alan Solon - From ""what if?"" to ""how to!"": evolutionary metaheuristics for decision support (27)
Cristina Ponsiglione, Lorella Cannavacciuolo, Luca Iandoli and Giuseppe Zollo - Exploring the fairness issue for policy makers (47)

Joeri Schasfoort, Antoine Godin, Dirk Bezemer, Alessandro Caiani and Stephen Kinsella - Interacting prudential and monetary policies: financial stability from the bottom up
15.00-15-30 Andrea Guazzini, Daniele Vilone, Alessandro Lazzeri and Giorgio Gronchi - Crowdsourcing and complex problem solving: cooperation costs hinder small groups when facing hard problems (71);
Ingo Wolf, Nikolas Zoeller and Tobias Schröder - Quantifying persuasion: Experimental grounding of attitude change simulations (107)
Linda Urselmans - Combining ethnic segregation and migration: A Schelling model with immigration dynamics (29)

Janos Varga – Comparison of the Current Monetary System and the Full Reserve System by Agent-based Models
15.30-16.00 Daniele Vilone, Francesca Giardini, Mario Paolucci and Rosaria Conte - Reducing individuals' risk sensitiveness can promote positive and non-alarmist views about catastrophic events in an agent-based simulation (108) Andreas Pyka, Matthias Mueller and Muhamed Kudic - The Agony of Choice -Ex-ante Evaluation of Knowledge Acquisition and Competence Development Strategies (43);
Sarah Cherng, Nancy Fleischer, Yu-Han Kao and Rafael Meza - Smoking Experimentation in High School Friendship Networks: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach (22);

Pierre Boudes, Antoine Kaszczyc and Luc Pellissier - Anticipation Flowing Backwards in a Functional Monetary Economics Simulation
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-17.00 Forough Hassanibesheli, Leila Hedayatifar and Krzysztof Kulakowski - Jammed states, Heider balance and paradise (42);
Thorben Jensen and Georg Holtz - Automated model structure variation and policy robustness testing: a procedure for innovation diffusion models (49)
Discussion and posters (132, 145, 39, 9, 17) PEERE
Theodore Day - The Big Consequences of Small Biases (94)
Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich - The Coconut Model with Adaptive Strategies 
17.00-17-30 Posters (124, 130, 68) and discussion Pawel Sobkowicz - Utility, impact, fashion and lobbying: Agent Based Model of the funding and epistemic landscape of research (16) Pierfrancesco Dotta, Marco Tolotti and Jorge Yepez - Measuring Brand Awareness in a Random Utility Model
17.30-18.00 POSTER session Marwa Al Fakhri, Nassma Mohandes and Antonio Sanfilippo - Modeling Solar PV Adoption in Qatar
18.00-18.30 Rosaria Conte: life and works Coen van Wagenberg and Tim Verwaart - Simulating the role of trust in an investment network

19:00-21:30: Welcome Reception

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