Preliminary Program (FRI)

Friday 23.09

Convegni Bisogno Giacomello Marconi

9.00-9.30 MAIN TRACK
Giuseppe Carbone and Ilaria Giannoccaro - Human Group Optimization (HGO): A new swarm optimization algorithm inspired by human team collective behavior. (12)
Roman Seidl - Qualitative data in modeling and simulation. A survey among interdisciplinary scholars (40)
Christopher Watts and Nicolas Payette - Quality versus Sexiness: The rival qualities of papers in the competition for academics’ attention (122)
Gonzalo Bustos-Turu, Koen H. van Dam and Nilay Shah - Exploring the influence of household behaviour on energy demands with an agent-based model (123)
9.30-10.00 Carole Adam and Benoit Gaudou – Modelling human behaviours in disasters from interviews: application to Melbourne bushfires (10) Ulf Lotzmann and Martin Neumann - Growing criminal culture: A framework for simulation in interpretative research (110) Simone Righi and Karoly Takacs - Indirect Reciprocity and the Miracle of Peer Review (98); Kavin Preethi Narasimhan, Nigel Gilbert and Thomas Roberts - HOPES: A practice-centric model of domestic energy consumption (93)
10.00-10-30 Yasuko Kawahata and Akira Ishii - Analysis of human intention in 19th century quantitatively using sociophysical approach with Ukiyo-e pictures in Japan (20) Huet Sylvie - When ego-involved and non ego-involved agents lead to polarization despite a large consensus (104) Shuntaro Noda, Junya Fukuta, Mikihiko Mori, Hiroshi Ueda and Hajime Kita - Individual-based Two-Region Population Estimation Model for Regional Population Policy Evaluation (105);Virginia Dignum and Frank Dignum - Simulating Peer-review processes as social practices(73) Oscar Kraan, Gert Jan Kramer and Igor Nikolic - Understanding global energy transitions through agent-based modelling of investor behaviour (117)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.30 Antoni Sobkowicz, Pawel Sobkowicz and Marek Kozłowski - Working class haters. Detecting time patterns in negative speech in Polish political forums (128) Discussion Discussion
11.30-12.00 Luis Gustavo Nardin, Giulia Andrighetto and Aron Szekely - An Agent Based-Model of Protection Rackets (147)

12.00-12:30 FINAL CEREMONY

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