Posters presentations

Poster presentations will be in four slots:

  • Tuesday 20 (TUE) 17:30-18:00
  • Wednesday 21 (WED1) 18:00-18:30
  • Thursday 22 (THU) 18:00-18:30

The assignment of posters to slots and to the electronic whiteboard is shown below.

ID title authors day poster monitor number
113 Dynamics of mass movements based on negative sentiment Thomas Brudermann THU M02
127 Structural Features of Collective Reasoning Corinna Elsenbroich and Nicolas Payette THU M05
139 Formalizing the Social Identity Approach in a basic model Geo Kocheril, Geeske Scholz and Nanda Wijermans THU M06
19 Simulating Defection from Autocracy: The Case of North Korea Alexander Dukalskis, Johan A. Elkink and Hang Xiong THU M07
9 Analysis of an agent from a BDI multi ABS for technology strategic
planning in renewable energy SMEs
Maryam Ebrahimi THU M10
56 Agent-based simulation of the handicap principle Bartosz Pankratz and Bogumil Kaminski THU M12
66 Simulating Responsible Research and Innovation Dynamics Petra Ahrweiler, Michel Schilperoord, Benjamin Schrempf, Nigel Gilbert and Andreas Pyka THU M13
95 Exploration of entrepreneurial intention in undergraduate students through Agent-based Modeling Jhoany Valencia-Arias, Alexandra Montoya Restrepo and Iván Montoya Restrepo TUE M02
26 Unity3D game engine for ABM Cezara Pastrav and Kristinn Edvardsson TUE M05
130 Deliberate Self-harm: a study about the evolution of stable maladaptive strategies Cristina Cecchini, Patrizia Meringolo and Andrea Guazzini TUE M06
132 Towards a synthetic information system for the global car population Sarah Wolf, Steffen Fürst, Andreas Geiges and Carlo C. Jaeger TUE M07
138 Pricing structures for energy co-prosumption. An agent-based model Verena Helen van Zyl-Bulitta and Juan Bautista Cabotà TUE M10
145 ForestSim: An Agent-Based Simulation for Bioenergy Sustainability Assessment Mark Rouleau, Robert Zupko, Himamshu Ghimre and Peter Nouhan TUE M12
92 Supercomputer Technologies in Agent - Based Models Valery Makarov, Albert Bakhtizin and Elena Sushko TUE M13
77 Conflict Interactions with External Intervention Volodymyr Koshmanenko and Elena Pugacheva WED M03
80 An Agent-Based Model of self-governance in Car as Power Plant community energy systems Franco Donati, Nicole van den Berg, Luuk Gremmen, Weiwen Zhong, Esther Park Lee and Amineh Ghorbani WED M04
105 Individual-based Two-Region Population Estimation Model for Regional Population Policy Evaluation Shuntaro Noda, Junya Fukuta, Mikihiko Mori, Hiroshi Ueda and Hajime Kita WED M05
115 Neighbors influence on house upgrading: empirical evidence from visual interpretation and simulation of informal development in Lima Victor Pena-Guillen WED M06
39 Analyzing the Effect of Water, Food and Energy- Related Policies on Self-organization of Water Resource Systems: an Agent-based Modeling Approach Sara Lotfi and Shahab Araghinejad WED M08
45 Models of the Conflict Redistribution of Vital Resources Volodymyr Koshmanenko, Tatiana Karataieva, Natalia Kharchenko and Inga Verygina WED M09
60 The System of Systems approach as an analytical framework for complex social-ecological systems Fabian Heitmann, Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Stefanie Engel WED M10
68 Modeling Peer Effects in Photovoltaic Adoption with Incomplete Data Christian Hofer, Gernot Lechner, Thomas Brudermann and Manfred Füllsack WED M13

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