Ignite schedule

You can find below the sequence of presentation for the ignite sessions on Wednesday.

Please make sure that you follow the instructions on the ignite description page.

Please send us the slides for your presentation by emailing them to ssc2016@easychair.org, not later than Friday, Sept. 16th.

1 09:00 Divergent preferences and inequality in a coordination task: An agent based approach Thomas Chesney
53 09:09 Agent Based Modeling of dental brushing behavior diffusion among 11-12 years-old students Maryam Sadeghipour, Peyman Shariatpanahi and Afshin Jafari
74 09:18 An Agent-based Model of Voluntary Incentive Programs for Sustainable Biofuel Development Robert Zupko, Himamshu Ghimre, Peter Nouhan and Mark Rouleau
36 09:27 Linking Stated and Revealed Preference Methods in Flood Risk Assessments through Agent-Based Simulations Koen de Koning and Tatiana Filatova
37 09:36 Sales at Stake – What Innovation Management Can Learn from the World of Vampires Michelle Désirée Haurand and Christian Stummer
44 09:45 Modeling Representation of Minorities Under Multiwinner Voting Rules Piotr Faliszewski, Jean-Francois Laslier, Robert Scheafer, Arkadii Slinko, Nimrod Talmon and Piotr Skowron
120 09:54 Agent-based modelling for diabetic patients behaviour: examining the impact of word of mouth Elisabetta Listorti, Erica Pastore and Gaetano Marino.
55 10:03 The Relative Importance of Direct and Indirect Reciprocity Strategies for the Emergence of Cooperation Simone Righi and Karoly Takacs
67 10:12 So Dark is the Con of Men Nuno Trindade Magessi and Luis Antunes
118 10:21 Considering Negative Interest Rate Simulation of the Stability of the Interbank Network Takamasa Kikuchi, Masaaki Kunigami, Takashi Yamada, Hiroshi Takahashi and Takao Terano

62 12:00 Social Learning in Systems Security Modelling Tristan Caulfield, Michelle Baddeley and David Pym
4 12:10 Stop Pulling My Leg: What Trying to Apply ABM to Torture (or Any Other New Domain) Can Teach Us About Interdisciplinarity Edmund Chattoe-Brown
14 12:20 Realistic decision making in agent-based simulations for the examination of nudging policies to support the inclusion of migrants Samer Schaat
136 12:30 Preference elicitation in dynamic social networks Marcin Czupryna, Przemyslaw Szufel, Bogumil Kaminski and Grzegorz Koloch
144 12:40 Can social networks explain ethnic labour market segmentation? Ruth Meyer and Huw Vasey
8 12:50 Critical Transitions and Early Warnings in Networked Repeated Public Good Games Manfred Füllsack, Christian Hofer, Georg Jäger and Andreas Schober

69 14:30 The Logic of Collective rating Heinrich Nax
83 14:39 Dealing with your model: How to find what you need Geeske Scholz and Nanda Wijermans
89 14:48 Using Agent-Based Modelling to study the incidence of FGM within local communities in West Africa: testing competing explanations Laurence Droy and Edmund Chattoe-Brown

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