Modelling social science aspects of fisheries

Session chairs:
Melania Borit, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway) and Cezara Pastrav (Matis, Iceland)

Overall, world fisheries are unsustainable, with almost 90% of stocks being over exploited or fully exploited. Improved and innovative management solutions are required if this critical situation is to be remedied. Since management is about people, not fish, integrating social sciences aspects into the modelling of fisheries as a socio-ecological complex system might be such a new way of thinking about fisheries management. We are interested in solutions that look at fisheries as socio-ecological complex systems, with a focus on the social behavior components of the system. Submissions focusing on any aspects of fisheries management are welcome, including (but not restricted to): social norms and self-organization of fishers, applications of Ostrom´s work on managing social commons, compliance with rules under changing management regimes, culture and trust, simulations that combine complex representations of society and complex ecological models, simulations as public educational tools, participatory simulations of fisheries. This session is a SAF21 initiative.

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