From Cognitive Heuristics to Social Simulation

with the support of the ESSA Special Interest Group on “Cognitive Models in Social Simulation”

Franco Bagnoli (University of Florence)
Leonardo Bocchi (University of Florence)
Francesca Giardini (University of Groningen)

Social simulation has cognitive agent behaviour at its core. The goal of this session is that of attracting researchers working on cognitive models in social simulation, including architectures, decision rules, learning abilities and decision models. Attention will be paid especially to theory and empirics.In particular we aim at investigating the fundamental role of bounded rationality in human behaviour, the arising of “quick-and-dirty” strategies for social problem solving and decision making, and how to modelling and implementing these cognitive heuristics in social simulation. We welcome the submission of extended abstracts, positional and experimental papers and posters on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Experimental investigation about cognitive heuristics.
  • Modeling of cognitive functions.
  • Hybrid computer-human playground.
  • Psychosocial components of human cognitive dynamics.
  • Psychological and cognitive architectures for artificial agents.

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